Friday, June 11, 2010


Warlocks, dark and mysterious, are one of the most feared classes to ever hit the DPS meters. Having high expectations in PVP and in PVE, they are a class that can overcome many obstacles. Here, I shall tell about the different experiences of being a warlock and all the ups/downs that follow those experience. Prepare your mind to be fear bombed with all you will need to know about upcoming patch releases and an in depth break down at what to expect. With the upcoming Cataclysm expansion, warlocks are being revamped for an all new game play style and i want all warlocks to be prepared for these changes ahead of time. Coming straight from Riddlebox on the Kael'thas server, prepare to be incinerated with knowledge!

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  1. Welcome to Blogging!!!

    That Kael'Thas sever has the best people around on it!!

    Mr. Stoneskin