Friday, June 11, 2010

New Cataclysm Abilities

With a new expansion on the way, there comes new levels, and with new levels come new spells/abilities. Warlocks will be gaining three new spells with the upcoming Cataclysm expansion. Those spells are Fel Flame (level 81), Dark Intent (level 83), and Demon Soul (level 85). Each move provides something new and exciting for all warlocks that will help boost dps and allow for a new game play style.

Fel Flame

This ability is an instant cast spell that does shadowfire damage and also refreshes your immolate and unstable affliction. Depending on its cooldown, this ability could be a very nice addition to destruction warlocks spell rotation. Keeping immolate up on the target is huge for a destruction warlock because of the extra damage it gives your incinerate spell, not to mention the extra dot damage it gives off. Having an instant cast ability as opposed to timed ability's can save a lot of time that can be used to boost damage. Being a destruction warlock myself, i am very much looking forward to this new ability. Did i mention the flame is green?

Dark Intent

This seems to be like the warrior vigilence ability or the mage focus magic ability. You can throw it on any player that is in your party and depending on what that player does, you gain a benefit while they gain a buff. This ability will increase the critical effect with periodic damage or healing spells by 3% on the target. If the character with the buff lands a crit, the warlock will get a buff to their damage that can stack up to three times for ten seconds. This will be another one of the many ways that warlocks will be able to add more dps to the dps meters.

Demon Soul

There isn't much information on the Demon Soul ability, but there is enough to think about. Demon soul fuses the warlock and their demon to provide a self-burst cooldown. The self burst last for a certain amount of charges or 20 seconds. The thing that we don't know is what kind of burst we will get because it is based on what demon you are using. Most warlocks stick to using a certain pet, based on what they are speced into. Hopefully the differences between all the different variations allow each pet to actually be useful with this spell. I wonder if this spell will be anything like the Metamorphosis?

Warlocks are getting much more done to them including a soul shard overhaul, changes in dot mechanics, aoe mechanics, and much more that other classes will also have the pleasure of experiencing. With the expansion hopefully right on the horizon, we need to be prepared for these major and minor changes. With that said, my next post will be very soon with an in depth explanation to the changes to soul shards.

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